Padi Photography

Padi Photography

Fullday Pre-wedding Session

Exactly Rp 16.000.000


Fullday Photo Session

14 hours Pre-wedding (before the sunrise and finish after sunset)
3 or 4 locations
2 photographers
Make-up and Hair-do
Transportation (12 seat cab)
All original photo files

120 edited photo files

USB drive for all soft copy files

Fullday Actual Wedding Day

Exactly Rp 16.000.000

16 hours Wedding package

3 photographers

USB drive for soft copy files

All original photo files
200 edited photo files
60 pages photo album 25x30 cm

Mini-session package

Exactly Rp 3.000.000

2 hours session

1 location 
1 photographer
All original photo files
30 edited photo files


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Tentang Kami

We love to produce natural colorful photos, film-look and monochrome. Sometimes we add flare effect or superimposed image. Don't expect we can't do anything after sunset, we always excited to playing with the light and set up mini-decor and even catch the starry night. Bright will always make you happy but don't forget dark also has gravity. Let us imagine and then engineer it as a timeless memories.